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180803_Where Eagles Dare.jpg

When I think back on a place, an experience, my memories are typically a blend of sensation and emotion. They slip through my thoughts, diffuse and intangible. Bright, but blurred, like bokeh. 

There are other ways of forming memories, however, and for me an important one is drawing. Being able to place something visually allows me to complement my memories with detail and the sharp strokes of a brush. Collaging and painting the photographs was more than just turning one art form into another. In each scene, each hair of every animal, I was reminded of our experiences and the laughter. The blisters and the long hours hiking through some of the most beautiful landscapes I'd ever seen. In "Where Eagles Dare", I tried to weave these into the fabric of the painting, into the pixels filling the seams between photo and drawing, into the lines of snow that trace across the mountains. Memories of an amazing two weeks.

This collage consists of largely hand-drawn elements combined with the occasional photograph, for enhancement and additional detail.

Special thanks to Tom In't Veld, whose incredible photographs inspired me to finally get to work on it. Photo credits to everyone.

Thank you, Papa, for the name.



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