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Website Background Image



After​ a summer of not having done very much for RingComm at all, I reckoned it was time to contribute something again. We were debating our background image in a meeting and lamenting the fact that we had no adequate photograph of the dome. I said that I'd take care of it.

It is intended to be a website hero image, hence the scrollability.


190901_RingComm Background Small.jpg
MIT Dome.jpg

Left: one of the source images I used for this collage/montage painting. While it is not exactly the drawing that we received in our silver tubes (silver tubes the symbol of having gotten into MIT. Actually, I received a brilliantly silver envelope as I am an international student and sending an actual tube would be prohibitively expensive, but I digress), it is part of the same series.

I wanted to use it for the website background because, like the elements on the ring, it is something that is unique to us as a class and significant to us as individuals.

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