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Overview (Screens)

One of the requirements for the IB Visual Arts course is to keep a sketchbook, which is then handed in as a group of screens. While I initially worked in a physical sketchbook, due to assessment criteria I switched to a digital documentation of what I did during the course. Admittedly not the most beautiful of presentations, this selection of screens is nonetheless a painstakingly thorough and comprehensive description of my thought process, rationale, and sources of inspiration.

The original version of my process portfolio was handwritten, though I transferred it to a digital format shortly after the completion of my "Easels" module to improve legibility and markability. For an artsier sketchbook, please feel free to refer to the scans of my GCSE coursework and exam books.

While not intended to be a portfolio, please feel free to refer back to this page if you're interested. Links to the individual screens will also be available accompanying the work itself.

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