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SCHOOl posters

One of my duties as a GSIS Music Ambassador was graphic design, which was assigned to me quite early on. It is fair to say that this job is what taught me how to use Photoshop. Below is a gallery showcasing the various posters I designed for the music department (showcases, concerts, etc.) from the beginning of the school year in 2016 to my graduation in spring 2018.


(Written in April 2016)

A disclaimer: though I do take credit for having done the bulk of work, I have a number of excellent mentors (cheers, school PR department!) and friends who gave me advice and suggestions as to how to improve the designs.

First, the drafts: my brief for the Christmas Gala Concert was something along the lines of “it should be impressive! Minimalist! Mature! Inspiring!” Hm. Baubles and aesthetic, here we come. As for the Spring Concert, I was told to use a guitar graphic that has come to be used as a sort of second logo for the GMA.

The first was too minimalist, the second not minimalist enough (I sound like I’m complaining but really I’m not – making these posters is really fun! I’m getting closer to striking the balance first time. Someday…)

Though I’m in all honesty a novice when it comes to graphic design, I hope to learn and improve as best I can.

The last thing I did for the school robotics team before walking out the door was designing a logo. Our company is called RECCD, and well, there’s the design brief, right in the name. I hoped to to represent the electronics and mechanics involved (circuitboard-esque stylised wave, hexagon representing a nut), as well as the aspirations of the team to create a reliable ROV (remote operated vehicle). Perhaps I even succeeded!

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