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DISCLAIMER: Text comments are also old.


I happened to have a pencil portrait phase some months ago… these two pieces probably represent the beginning of the development of my by now somewhat overly elaborate yet nonetheless preferred cross-hatched style.

My favourite subjects are elderly people, because the natural wrinkles in their faces tell stories and bring out character in ways youth and supermodels with pristine features couldn’t possibly.


I intended to draw a lot more while in Africa, but I leaned more towards photography. Nonetheless, I found time (while in an awfully bumpy jeep) to make two quick sketches of the wildlife.

For a various reasons, 90% of my year group was missing the Monday before the Christmas break. So, in order to get in gear for our upcoming annual migration to Africa, I used the unexpected free time to sketch some animals (you may recognise the subjects from some of my mother’s pictures. Oops. Do copyright laws apply inter-familially?)

These are a bit rough – the most I spent on any one of them was an hour, but they average out at about 30 minutes.

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