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Axonometric projection, relief




An essential component of architecture is documentation through drawing. One way of doing this is an axonometric projection. The technique allows a three-dimensional drawing without perspective, reducing distortion and retaining constant scale measurements throughout. When compared to applying it to my somewhat overly complex box, wrapping my head around the concept turned out to be the easy part...

The axonometric drawing was done on chipboard, so that we might later be able to come back and carve it into a bas-relief. The idea was to create something that was unrelated to the original concept of the box in all ways but that we used the axonometric as a base. I took the chance to realise what I imagined could be the effect of the box on the

negative space around it. In essence extrapolating the fragmentation of the box to the world it inhabited, as well.

Left, axonometric projection as a bas-relief.

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