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A web of string locked into place by sheets of molten plastic film; the cellular structures of Nebulous are bizarre; each person sees something different in it. Some look at the whole body of the piece to recognise an inverted torso in its silhouette, others see the structures of nebulae and galaxies in the closer interplay of decay and creation. The light at its heart accents the forms by illuminating them from the inside, creating intriguing highlights and dramatic shadows that suggest depth beyond.



The shadows cast by Nebulous’ lightbulb projected through the sculpture onto a flat surface, rendering the three-dimensional complexity of the piece into two dimensions. The different layers interrelate through different resolutions, gaining and losing significance as it spins. While the glitches are artificially created effects, not true errors, I use them to lend the videos a sense of volatility, further confounding the viewer and creating new avenues of interpretation as the true shape of the structure is obscured and abstracted.

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