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My grandmother, die Lächelnde, "she who smiles".


Obviously a companion piece to Lachender, which is a portrait I did of my grandfather for my grandmother. When I received the news that she passed away in early March 2019 I was shaken. This was the way wanted to say goodbye.

My grandmother left a mixed legacy, as many do. What I will remember, though, are the things I loved her for. Her smile, which I named the piece for. Her poetry, some of which features on this site from when I was illustrating some of them. The three dozen red lipsticks she kept around the house. The nickname she called me by.

I took a while to upload this because these last few weeks have been rough. But I think it's important that the painting be there for everyone who wants to see it, especially for those who are still grieving and need to see it.

My grandmother always favoured muted, mature colours — browns, beiges, whites. I wanted to paint her the way I had always seen her — colourful, bright, who could shape words to spark emotions like few others. That's how I hope she is remembered.

This is my goodbye, my last gift.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 10.27.31 AM.png

Progress, and source images.

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