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IB diploma

shadows behind the looking glass

Over the course of my IB diploma, for which I was awarded a 7 in Visual Arts, I worked on several projects. Starting with the word "structures", my exploration ranged over various techniques and methods to investigate first traditional structures in the form of easels, then moving on to photographing Hong Kong architecture. 

Many of my key projects, including Cebollas, the Flying Dutchman, etc. occurred while I was looking at organic forms, the path to which was inspired by modern architecture like that of Zaha Hadid. Finally, I looked at the human form, using photo manipulation, multimedia approaches, and sculpture to see how skin and structure can change depending on our perspective.

The pages will contain brief descriptions of my goals and the titles of the piece. A complete account of my work can be found on the first page, which links to my process portfolio. This is an ongoing project made during the diploma which details inspirations, thoughts, and reflections on each step of the way.

"Shadows Behind The Looking Glass" was the title of my exhibition. A curatorial rationale and the final images of my work can be found on the final page

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