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190511_Fakin' It FINAL.jpg

Art begets art. This was a project done for the lead single of my (ridiculously talented) friend Angelique's upcoming EP album


Her song is about a subject that many students our age struggle with — the dissociation between the face which we present the world, and our true selves. The crystalline nature of that mask, and how difficult it is to keep the cracks from showing. The lyrics are enhanced by her rich vocals, such that every time I hear the song I fall in love with it again. I was honoured when Angelique asked me to make a visual accompaniment to her musical work. 


I wanted to hand-draw it. It was important to me that something so intimately emotional be complemented by craft, rather than a photograph. The motif draws from themes in the song. I hoped to convey a sense of loss. Of the difficulty of removing our masks, for the web of connections which ties us to them is the same that ties us to the world around us. I also wanted to celebrate the richness within every one of us; an entire ocean of feelings and experiences. An infinite spirit.

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