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I drew this after a long stint of not having drawn digitally (i.e. over a year), so the main intent was to warm up and to remind myself of the flow of working in Photoshop. While just a sketch, I enjoyed manipulating it, and the effects I could create.

Original, left

Manipulated, above

(Written shortly afterward)

So I recently resurrected my tablet (turns out I had the wrong driver software installed, whoops. That certainly explains a lot), and consequently have had to begin reteaching myself how to draw digitally. One of the difficulties, I find, certainly when compared to traditional media, is creating convincing textures giving it sufficient detail without losing a sense of the mass of a subject. Which is pretty much all of art. Lots to learn!

A relatively short piece, maybe one to two hours.

(The war paint on the elephant was inspired to some extent by Aaron Blaise's art. I can only aspire…)

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