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Crew Tank


Every year, our crew team celebrates the season by designing a tank top. It's a sweet tradition: whoever desires submits a design, we all vote, and everybody gets a custom shirt with a joke name on the back (for the past two years, mine has been "forearms".) This year, the designs I submitted were based on the theme of being apart but never alone. Although we were kicked off campus in March 2020 and had largely gone our separate ways since, I wanted to symbolise that, despite everything, we were still a team. Plus, I wanted to use the single scull as a motif, since it was the only boat class we were allowed to row in the spring semester 2021.

I produced two designs:


The final design: a timeline of all the places that our teammates had been, from spring 2020 at the bottom to spring 2021 at the top of the graphic.


A rejected design: four singles overlayed to form a quad (a four-person boat where each rower has a set of two oars).

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