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4.023, FALL 2019


For our final assignment in this part of the semester, we made a collage based on the culmination of our previous ideas. In our group of three, the lineage of projects beginning with my plan had returned to me in the form of Erica's section. I took a very multimedia approach to this collage, incorporating tracing paper as well as myriad photographs to create texture and the impression of depth.

The actual assignment was only to arrange five vignettes on the page, but as I wished to organise them in some way I determined that it might be productive to incorporate a section and plan of my cave system. These then both provided the backbone for the arrangement of my vignettes and contextualised them.

In each vignette, I placed emphasis on representing the quality of light and also the serenity unique to underground places.

The vignettes, from left to right (also highlighted in the gallery below):

  1. Cavern View (outwards)

  2. Cavern View (inwards)

  3. Architectural Ceiling Feature (based off snow packed into a crevasse)

  4. Spiral Stairwell

  5. Platform View

And, since we are beginning a new project starting next week, a reflection on the semester thus far. (And just in case you begin to imagine that I write essay-long reflections for each project that I do, yes, this was also an assignment!)

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