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181229_Neppar Map.jpg

Map of Neppar.

This project started with a map illustration for a friend's novella. As we spoke more about her world and the story, I began sketching environments and creature designs. One species I was particularly fascinated by was the coldbloods. Reptilian-dinosaurian-primal reptile-like creatures which feed off the sandstone deposits of Neppar. This sandstone acts as an energy reservoir, storing the energy of the sun in a form both animals and humans can use to turn into electricity.


The coldblood above and to the left is an aquatic variety which lives deep in Lake Larėe. While it has fins, these are soft and primarily for display, flushing a deep red when the animal is aggravated. They move through the water in a style similar to snakes. In addition to whole-body movements, the coldblood can steer by flaring scales on its belly, which increase water resistance on that side and cause the whole animal to turn. This allows the coldblood to navigate the currents of the lake with great ease and efficiency.

181229_Salt mines.jpg

Sandstone mines.

Sunset in a binary system.

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