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I'm Natasha. I study architecture and urban planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition to my required coursework, I have built up a repertoire of knowledge in international relations, political science, and management. I'm drawn to solving big problems with bold, creative thinking.


This portfolio, however, isn't about that. It's about my journey, not my destination. This portfolio is about my attempts to find the beauty in the world around me and to share it; it's about my attempts to find myself and who I am as an artist, as a creative, as a person. It contains my coursework for my art and studio work from 2016 (GCSE, or early high school) onwards, as well as all of the stories that are attached to those images and projects. Over the years, those stories have come to make up a huge part of who I am. Therefore, this portfolio is a living record of my personality, my growth as a person, and my development as a creative. If you go through the years, you'll be able to see how my very definition of creativity starts to shift, from being able to create aesthetically appealing visuals to systematically solving problems in ways that are unique expressions of me. There are also more flashy things, like my paintings and illustrations and a couple of fun dabblings in parametric design outside of what I do in my classes.


For a less text-heavy portfolio, scroll down to see the PDF version.


– nhirt

Hong Kong | Cambridge | Queenstown | Germany



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