My name is Natasha Hirt, and sometimes I'm an artist. I'm always a dreamer. I was born in Hong Kong to a family of readers, engineers, painters and designers. Over the course of the years, I've drawn and painted, constantly seeking to improve my skills or broaden their range, be it into the world of digital art or into three dimensional sculpture during my IB years. 

While I was taught to associate every artwork with a story, and with deeper meaning, what drives me is really the desire to create beautiful things. I want to share the wonder that I see in the world with others, and I also want to challenge myself – is it possible to capture a smell, an emotion on paper, is it possible to redesign the human body so as to suggest movement and nothing else, is it possible...

Is it?

This portfolio is my attempt to find the beauty in the possible, and perhaps graze the boundaries of the impossible.


© Natasha Karolina Hirt. 2018.