4.024: Architecture Studio II


Instructor: Marlena Fauer

This studio is about designing an observatory. It is broken into two parts: first, a series of sprints, consisting of both design and research as we explore different means of representation and of looking at observatories. Second, the design of the observatory itself.

I came into this studio very tentative about the whole situation, but determined to use it as an opportunity to reimagine my relationship to studios and my major as a whole. My commitment to myself is to take myself less seriously, have fun, and relish the opportunity to work with several other incredibly creative people to come up with some cool ideas, and perhaps end up with some cool outcomes.

Studying existing observatories from the premodern and modern eras, as well as various tools for observation and observatories.

The Gyromillarytarium. Enter At Your Own Risk!

"Blending different precedents into a single, novel tool."