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4.023: Architecture Studio I

FALL 2019

Instructor: Christopher Weaver

When I told a friend that I was taking 4.023 this semester, she welcomed me "to my first real studio." I guess the others didn't count.

Well, here goes!

The first architecture studio at MIT is described fairly ambiguously on its website. I view it as an exploration of forms of representation, abstraction, and adaptation. By engaging myriad model-making and drawing techniques, we are encouraged to think outside of the box (or the orthogonal walls) of conventional architectural processes. It is a studio in which intense collaboration is a central feature. Experimentation, too, is essential, both in the teaching of the class and in the execution of the projects. 

A note on how this will be presented: previously, I have uploaded projects wholesale. This, however, is a monster of a 24-unit class (ordinary classes at MIT are 12 units only, and the number of units accredited for studios is typically considered below the actual workload), and if I left everything until last minute I would never get down to writing anything. As our work has been divided into 1-week subsets, for each of which we write a reflection on our work and the feedback we received, the components of the class as shown on this website will be organised accordingly.

Additionally, this class is a CI-M (Communication Intensive class within a Major, as opposed to a CI-H which is a generic Communication Intensive class in a Humanity). I love writing and will be writing a lot in this class. Most likely I will be uploading pieces of writing as I hand them in.

Preliminary Exercises


An architectural intervention on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, highlighting both the local ecology as well as offering endangered foreign species a new home.

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